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Friends Of Phil

Written by: General Schomberg
Wednesday, 10th February 2016

Since the sacking by The Herald newspaper of journalist Graham Spiers and blogger Angela Haggerty (after only eight weeks in her first real job – the CV is looking good Angie!), a plethora of previously unheard of amateur social commentators have appeared to voice their one-sided and misguided opinions.

More often than not, a quick Google search uncovers that these slanted and often dishonest souls are part of the diminishing group “The Friends of Phil” (Phil of course being the “tarred with a sickening sectarian brush” blogger Phil What-ever-his-latest-name-is).

Most recent to jump aboard the meandering three-wheeled Phil-wagon is one Robin Smith, or as he has re-branded himself Bob Smith-Walker (what is it with the Celtic-Minded and changing their names?). Use of the aforementioned Google reveals Mr. Smith-Walker to be the publisher of Celtic-supporter Phil’s literary flop “Downfall”, a low-sales book about eh.... Rangers. The hilarious tome is best summed up by reproducing The Scotsman newspapers review:

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Rangers And Me

Written by: Beanie
Sunday, 7th February 2016

Let’s rewind to 1992, I got my first ever Rangers top (still got it!) it was our home top from 1992 – 1994, now to be honest I don’t know why I wanted one or even remember asking for it! Why would I? I was a 10-year-old girl who loved playing with her Barbies, maybe it was because my big sister had football tops and I thought I was missing out or maybe I realised I actually liked football.  I can’t say that I was influenced by my dad or sister as to which team I was supposed to support, I say supposed as let’s be honest, I don’t think I would have been allowed to support Celtic – I’m 100% positive here that my dad would say “You could have supported whatever team you wanted” but I know had I said any other team other than Rangers, he would have been a little disheartened.  You could say Rangers were my first love and it’s a love affair that will never end!

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Herald Announces Job Losses

Written by: Admin
Friday, 29th January 2016

Further job losses were announced today at the Herald newspaper, due to sub-standard, inaccurate and biased reporting.

It's likely that Job Seekers Allowance applications from Graham Spiers and Angela Haggerty will be handed in early next week at their local Job Centre.

Meanwhile, it's rumoured that the remaining staff at the Herald are said to be overjoyed at news of their departure.


Rangers Director withdraws business from The Herald

Written by: Admin
Monday, 11th January 2016

Vanguard Bears understands that Parks Motor Group has withdrawn £40,000 worth of advertising revenue from The Herald newspaper due to persistent and unwarranted attacks on the Club by its article writers.

Only last week, a Rangers Director voiced Club concerns regarding biased reporting with Herald Editor Magnus Llewellin.

These concerns were totally ignored, and Friday past saw a deliberately inflammatory article with the headline “Crooks at Rangers” appear in the aforesaid newspaper.

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The famous Glasgow Rangers are alive and kicking...but free speech is dead!

Written by: Graham Kane
Wednesday, 30th December 2015

Jealousy, as they say, is the root of all evil. As a supporter or employee of the world's most successful football club, it is therefore, par for the course that your team needs to put up with a certain amount of envy from those who support provincial clubs or clubs with delusions of grandeur. In Scotland, however, the old adage above is proved to be very accurate.

The staggering discrepancy between the treatment of Rangers, and that of other clubs is a warning to all. Scotland is on a very slippery slope, and the silent majority need to fight back before it is too late. This slippery slope does not only apply to Rangers Football Club, but to the Protestant, Unionist & Loyalist communities in general.

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